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Fiber optics use light signals in order to transmit data. As it moves across a fiber optic cable, there has to be a way to separate the data so that it gets to the right destination. There are two main types of systems, which make FTTH internet broadband connections possible: active optical networks and passive optical networks. Each one gives ways to separate the data as well as route it to the right place.

Millions of customers around the world have fiber-to-the-homes connections, since fiber holds several advantages over other internet or network technologies. A key advantage of subscribing to such type of fiber internet is it provides for quicker connection speeds as well as carrying capacity than those delivered over twisted pair conductors, such as DSL or coax cable. For instance, a copper pair conductor has the capability to carry up to six telephone calls. A fiber pair can carry over 2.5 million calls at the same time.

The FTTH Council’s experts say that fiber-to-the-home connections are the sole technology with sufficient bandwidth to handle forecasted consumer demands cost-effectively and reliably in the future. The fiber technology is already affordable, as companies around the globe are demonstrating by entering the business as they speculate on the demand.

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High Speed Internet

Fiber has nearly unlimited bandwidth combined with a long reach, which makes it “future-safe”, or a standard medium, expected to be in place for years to come. The fiber-to-the-home service will be able to handle futuristic internet applications, which some experts anticipate. Technologies like 3D holographic HD TV and games will be common in residences around the world someday. FTTH will also be able to handle the approximated 30 Gbps requirements of such equipment. Present technologies cannot come close.

The fiber-to-the-home internet broadband service will spark the invention of products that are not yet thought of since they open possibilities for the data transmission rate. Think of the items that, now appearing commonplace, were not even at the conceptual phase say five or ten years ago. Experts say that FTTH broadband internet connections will inspire new services and products and could open a whole-new sector in the world of business.

Such kind of a connection from a fastest internet provider will also let consumers bundle its services. For example, a customer could get voice, video, television, and nearly any other type of digital data stream with a service from a best internet provider. Such an arrangement would be even more cost-effective and simple than getting those services through different lines, as it is often the case nowadays.

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