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When it comes to an internet service, not just any service will do. The quicker the internet speed, the fewer the service options are. Only major internet providers in the US offer the speed that classifies their offerings as “high-speed” services. The actual level of service may exceed what you may expect to be or perceive as “high-speed” internet though.

The FCC reported five years ago that most Americans have access to just one or two options for wired internet broadband service – which comprises different types of ‘always-on’ internet, in contrast with dial-up internet. Although the year is 2019 now, the carriers that dominated the US internet market are still enjoying the top positions in it. A few months back, when the debates on net neutrality were on a high pitch, this monopolistic market trait was one of those things skeptics of the deregulation pointed out. In other words, they did not want the deregulation for obvious reasons.

They opined that repealing the original rules, which prevented carriers from throttling the internet speeds and giving preferential treatment to certain websites or services, were not a good thing for customers. Their reasoning for that was obvious – it would put the control back on those main internet providers. However, some carriers have assured that they would not take advantage of the net neutrality repeal.

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If you were starting out or are relatively new to the business, this is the kind of market situation you were about to enter or have only been coming to terms with. Therefore, it was understandable some internet providers also echoed the same sentiment of skeptics.

If you are a customer, you may have been at the receiving end of all those “still-legal” yet “liberal” practices knowingly or unknowingly. You might have thought of switching carriers due to that. However, one has to understand these internet providers control the lion’s share of the market owing to their “good deeds”. Anyone who is part of an advocacy group will realize that.

Are you wondering which of those major service providers in your area are? One of the best ways to find local internet providers is to search online. There are sites that let you search “internet providers by ZIP code”. If you do not find the one you were looking for, then the US agency workers are perhaps doing their bit by “mapping the broadband”.

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