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If the Wi-Fi network that you use is not performing up to your expectations, you can do many things to improve the situation, before you think of replacing the router with a new one. Below listed are a few things that you can do to boost Wi-Fi signal and improve the performance of your wireless internet connection.

Choose a Good Location

You need to understand that not all places are suitable to place the router. You need to avoid placing the router close to appliances that emit electromagnetic waves and metal objects. It is also idea to place the router away from electric wires. If you wish to cover your complete home evenly with Wi-Fi signal, you need to place the router almost at the middle of the home. It is also a good idea to keep the router elevated from the floor, as it can help boost the signal.

Buy a Stronger Antenna

Most of the Wi-Fi routers offered by local internet providers come with a weak antenna. The usual antenna that comes with a router is just a few inches tall and will have a gain of about 4 dB. Replacing it with a 10 dB antenna, of height ranging from 10 to 15 inches, can surely help you to boost the Wi-Fi signal. In fact, buying a new Wi-Fi antenna can be a great way to enhance the signal at your office or home and can help you save money by avoiding the need to buy a new router.

Keep the Router Updated

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You may have read about malware attacks costing people billions of dollars every year. As per the experts, most of these attacks would not have been possible if the routers were kept updated. Once a router is infected by a malware, it will steal internet bandwidth and will spread itself across the network to other devices. However, even without the presence of a malware, routers having old and outdated firmware usually perform much worse than those that are kept updated.

Get Rid of Wi-Fi Leeches

It is very much important for you to have an encrypted and password protected Wi-Fi. The hunger for open and fast Wi-Fi networks is always on the rise, with more and more people relying on Wi-Fi networks than ever. Never have the misconception that your neighbors will not use your Wi-Fi network because they have their own internet connection. They might even accidentally connect to your network if your Wi-Fi network is not protected by a password.

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