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Nowadays, Wi-Fi connections are a basic necessity whether you are at home or the office. Therefore, it is highly imperative to ensure uninterrupted internet usage at your place. Below are a few things to remember while setting up your Wi-Fi connection.

Choose a Good Location for Your Router

Not all placements allow the best performance out of your router. Remember that you are not supposed to place the router beside metal objects or devices that produce electromagnetic waves. You should also avoid electric wires completely. If you expect to receive a consistently fast connection all over the place, place the router in the center of your home. Furthermore, if you keep the router in an elevated position, the connection would be much stronger.

Install A Stronger Antenna

WiFi routers are equipped with small antennas. These are a few inches tall, and have a capacity of around 4 dB. A great way to boost you existing internet connection is by purchasing a larger antenna. This is a few inches tall and has a capacity of 10 dB, providing an easy way to boost your Wi-Fi connection derived from the best internet service.

Block Wifi Leeches

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With the increase in Wi-Fi connections, the number of Wi-Fi Leeches has also increased. There is always a possibility that your Wi-Fi is being broken into. Thus, ensure the protection of this by placing strong encryption. You should also consider changing the password of your Wi-Fi often, to keep away Wi-Fi leeches.

Update Your Router

Nowadays, malware attacks are very common, and result in losses of up to billions of dollars every year to businesses and individuals in the U.S. These attacks are caused by dangerous malware that enter older routers. If malware infects a router, it spreads to all the devices connected to it. Furthermore, a router that has been updated, performs much faster than one that is not.

Use a Wifi Repeater/ Booster/ Extender

These are known by several names such as repeaters, WiFi boosters, and extenders. They perform the same function as boosting the signal of your Wi-Fi. They receive the Wi-Fi signal and send it back out after amplifying it. A good repeater is not very costly. Besides, repeaters can be easily installed without the need for professional guidance. In most cases, this only requires the press of the WPS button. Sometimes, there are dedicated apps that allow you to fine tune your Wi-Fi settings to get the best performance.

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