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Slow internet connection is one of the frustrating things you encounter in today’s fast-paced world. There are several reasons for this, so you need to explore these reasons and have a better understanding of your internet connection to be able to solve the issue quickly. Below are a few tips to help you solve a slow internet connection quickly.

Check your Speeds and Plan

There are chances that you are receiving a very slow internet connection because you are only paying for so much. Thus, it is always better to make sure that your connections and internet speeds are intact. If the speed is low, make arrangements and upgrade your package to resume smooth internet usage.

Fix your Wi-Fi Signal

Even if you are browsing the best internet using a Wi-Fi connection, it is possible that your internet and router are fine. Instead, it must be the Wi-Fi signal that is causing the disruption of smooth signals. In this case, you have to boost, tweak, and reposition your router to resume the smooth usage of the internet.

Troubleshoot your Hardware

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Before assuming that the problem is caused by the internet provider, make sure your hardware is functioning properly. First, see if your modem is working fine and do a reset. In addition, check the other computers at your home and see if the internet connection is slow in every system. If there are no issues with other devices, you know that either your computer or your modem is guilty. Fix these devices and resume browsing the internet smoothly.

Use a New DNS Server

Your computer uses a DNS to translate the address that you input to a computer-friendly IP address. Sometimes, these servers encounter internal issues and may shut down completely. In this event, check for the top internet providers for my address and try to replace your servers. However, if your servers are not facing any real issues, then an alternative server will not do any good apart from speeding up your internet connection a few notches.

Turn Off Plugins and Apps

Even if your hardware is working smoothly, there might be certain background programs that might be disrupting the internet connection. You can install certain plugins such as FlashBlock or AdBlock Plus, which will block many bandwidth-hogging animations, ads, and videos, which can slow down your internet connection. Yet note that in case you are downloading files with BitTorrent, your regular internet connection is bound to get slower.

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