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AT & T Internet Provider – An Overall Review

Internet has become one of the inevitable needs these days. With internet service providers growing in each and every locality, there has been a good competition in the industry.

In spite of reputed internet providers extending their coverage, there has been regional monopolies also prevailing in the market, who try to improve their services and provide their best.

AT&T competes with the regional monopolies as well as the reputed providers in the industry. Let us take a look at some of the features which makes AT & T, one of the on-demand ISPs in the market.

Broad Coverage

AT&T has been trying to provide broad coverage with its DSL as well as fiber optic technology.

With its DSL technology, AT&T is able to cater nearly 11.3 million people and with its fiber optic technology, it is able to cover nearly 120 million people in US.

The major advantage of the coverage given by AT&T comes into picture, when you are getting transferred to some other location. In that case, you need not have to look for another provider in the new location, instead, you can just transfer your AT&T internet to your new location.

Best Speed as per the industry standards

In general, fiber optic internet will be able to provide higher speeds compared to the DSL internet. While, DSL would be able to compete with the cable internet providers.

In that sense, AT&T is able to provide an impressive speed of 1 Gbps in certain cities with the help of its fiber optic technology. In other places, through its DSL technology, AT&T is able to provide 100 Mbps.

Customer Satisfaction

AT & T is able to provide a great level of customer satisfaction mainly because it is able to easily provide a better service than other cable internet service providers like Xfinity, Spectrum, and others.

Since Verizon Fios uses its fiber optic technology to provide a high speed internet, AT&T is just behind Verizon.

Overall, AT&T ranks second in customer service, just behind Verizon.

Variety of Price Ranges

AT&T offers a wide range of plans suitable to various categories of people and their requirements.

There are low budget plans starting from $40. There are also plans whose ranges are higher for hi-end budgets. However the plans and pricing may vary depending on the user’s location. AT&T requires a 12 month contract.

You can also get unlimited data plans and bundle offers based on your requirement.


As it uses DSL technology for its internet in certain places, you might find it difficult for streaming activities, gaming, and the like sometimes.

Whatever, may the technology it uses, AT&T is able to provide a reliable internet service. It can also provide a good speed, affordable pricing, and a good quality of service, making it one of the best providers.



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