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Bundle Packages of Directv and AT&T Internet – A Review

AT&T is a reputed internet provider in US, providing its coverage to almost all the states in US. AT&T acquired Directv, which lead to the rise of several bundle packages and deals.

AT&T already has a good customer base in US. With the bundle packages, AT&T uses the loyal customers of Directv to enter into AT&T internet plans, thereby gaining more customer base.


Bundle packages of AT&T and Directv helps you to save money. This also helps you save your time and effort by helping you handle your internet and TV services in a single bill.

Moreover, you have a lock-in period for 2 years, when you opt for bundle options with AT&T and Directv. During this lock-in period you can get discounts on your price for internet and TV services. This helps you save several bucks during this lock-in period.

Bundle Package Options

With bundle options, you can choose your Directv plans along with AT&T internet so that you can bundle your TV and internet services.

Some of the popular selections include Directv Select with AT&T internet 50 Mbps speed and Directv Choice with AT&T internet 75 Mbps speed.

It is also possible to combine all the three services, Directv, AT&T internet, and reliable AT&T home phone.

You can also customize your packages as per your needs, which makes you choose your package as per your requirement.

Customer Service

Customer service representatives are the boon to boost the services of AT&T and Directv. The representatives are available to resolve your queries related to choosing your bundle packages, comparison of prices, and others.

Phone and web chat services are available which provide a satisfactory customer service to millions of customers of Directv and AT&T.

Channels and Packages

With your DirecTV services in your bundle packages, you can sure about watching channels of varied interests like movies, game shows, entertainment, and sports.

You have options to add premier channels to your package. You can choose packages ranging from 155 to 350 channels.

You also have a wide range of sports channels to choose by adding a sports package to your bundle at affordable pricing.


AT&T bundled with Directv offers a reliable internet connection wherever you are in US. This is possible because AT&T has a wide coverage. With Directv, you can be 100% sure about the entertainment, whatever may be your interests. You can watch your favorite channels including the premier channels as per your choice in your budget as bundle packages are known to save money.



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