Bundle your Services with Verizon Fios to Elevate your Lifestyle

Verizon Fios provides options to bundle your internet, TV, and phone services together.

Managing multiple bills for your home services is a cumbersome task. If you can combine multiple bills into a single bill, then it would be really a gift. This is possible with Verizon bundle packages.

Money Saving Packages

When you opt for the home services like internet, phone, and TV services separately with different providers, you might see that the price is higher. When they are opted as bundle packages, the price is comparatively lesser.

Moreover, you can get reliable services as well with the bundle services offered the Verizon, one of the prominent telecom service providers in US.

Reliable Internet

When you opt for Verizon Fios bundles, you can get a high speed reliable internet of Fios. Fios is able to provide the required high speed through their fiber optic technology.

As Fios provides a broad coverage in US, you can easily get your services also transferred to the place where you move to. Especially, it becomes easy for you to move all your services together with ease with the bundle packages.

How to Avail your Bundle Packages with Verizon?

You can avail double play and triple play bundle packages with Verizon Fios.

When you prefer opting for any two of your home services together, you can opt for double play. By opting for double play services, you can bundle both your Fios internet and your phone service from Fios digital Voice or combine your Fios internet service with Fios TV services.

When you prefer opting for all the three home services, then you can go for triple pay packages. You can choose Fios Internet, choose your TV channels by subscribing for Custom TV, and opt for phone service with Fios digital voice.

Customer Service

Customer support representatives are available 24/7 to serve Fios customers. You can have a comparison of various deals and bundle offers which are available in your area and opt for a suitable one based on the help from the customer service representatives of Fios.

The customer service representatives also answer all your queries related your bundle packages, offers and deals, and pricing. This enables you to gain a good knowledge about the service before-hand and opt for the suitable package.


Verizon Fios bundle packages are suitable for customers of varied interests. You would definitely fit into any one of the packages, irrespective of your interests like watching movies, sports, game shows, online gaming, streaming, or extensive browsing. With all the advantages, Fios is a suitable provider to avail your home services (internet, TV, and home phone) required, which is of no doubt.