Dishtv for Movie and Sports – A Review

Dishtv is one of the reliable TV service providers in US. With its affordable pricing and capacity to provide more channels, it has gained millions of customers across US.

There are many packages available with dishtv to serve customers of varied interests. Let your interest be watching movies or sports, you would definitely be more benefited by availing Dishtv services.

Channels and Packages for Entertainment Lovers

For entertainment and movie lovers, dishtv offers a wide range of packages. The 4 packages include America’s Top 120, America’s Top 120+, America’s Top 200, and America’s Top 250 channels.

The price range is quite affordable and it ranges between $60 and $90. You can choose your price range according to your budget and channel requirements.

There is a possibility to bundle the TV package along with the internet services.

Facilities offered

Dishtv provides facilities to record 16 shows. Dishtv also has 500 hours of HD storage.

Professional installation services are offered by Dishtv. Once you call the dishtv representatives and fix your appointment, their representatives arrive within 75 minutes and provide you with the installation services.

Sports and Premier Channels

America’s top 120+ channel package includes most of the popular entertainment channels.

It is possible to watch all the premier channels like HBO, Starz, and Cinemax by choosing America’s Top 250+ channel package. HBO is offered for free for a year and the other premium channels are free for three months in this package. After this free period, these channels can be obtained at affordable pricing.

Dishtv always provides entertainment to the sports lovers. ESPN is available in all the packages provided by dishtv. At the same time, America’s Top 200 and 250 channel packages include some more sports channels too.

Dishtv network’s exclusive sports package, which is also affordable, keeps the sports lovers entertained throughout the year.

Customer Service

For any TV service, providing a good customer service is much important. With a satisfactory customer service, dishtv is able to keep up its pace in the market.

Though the channel guide is not user-friendly, other aspects of customer service rating provided by various reviews are good.


Dish provides a reliable service, which makes it a preferred one and prevents it from getting negative feedbacks from the customers.

Dish offers varieties of channels and packages suitable for movie and sports lovers. Movie, entertainment, and sports packages available at affordable pricing make it the most preferred one.