Frontier Bundle Packages – A Review

Frontier is one of the prominent internet providers in US. It provides its bundle packages for the benefit of its customers.

As Frontier has been continuously improving its coverage and expand its operations in US, you can easily avail Frontier and bundle up with its TV and phone services to suit to your lifestyle.

Double and Triple Play Packages

With Frontier bundle packages, you can either go for bundling your Frontier internet packages with Dish TV or Frontier internet packages with home phone. These are Double Play packages.

You can also bundle Frontier internet with Dish TV and home phone service. All the three services combined together form Triple Play bundles. These packages are aimed at providing reliable internet service along with a good entertainment with Dish TV channels, and reliable phone service.

Dish TV is known to serve the interests of movie, sports, and entertainment lovers. So, when you opt for Dish TV in your bundle, you can select your Dish TV channels as per your interests like movies, entertainment, game shows, and sports.

Packages and Pricing

Frontier internet and phone service bundle packages start from $32 per month. Internet cum Dish TV service bundle packages start at a rate of $78 per month.

As far as the Triple play packages are concerned, you can get Frontier internet, phone service, and Dish TV packages starting at a rate of $92 per month.

The plans include a 2-year agreement, which also has a benefit of 2-year price guarantee.

Benefits of Frontier Bundle Packages with Dish TV and home phone

The primary benefit which can be explicitly viewed in bundle packages is that the prices are lower compared to availing these services separately.

At the same time, since you have an agreement period for 2 year with a price lock-in guarantee during the period, you do not have to worry that your bills would go high frequently. It is ensured that your prices remain the same during the lock-in period.

The other important feature of the Frontier bundle packages is that the process is made simple with a single bill for all the services opted. So, you would find it easy to manage a single bill for the home services you opt for.


Before opting for Frontier bundle packages, check for the coverage. Once you are done with it, you can be sure about getting a reliable internet and phone connection.

Also, you can be sure to get your bundle packages with Dish TV with all your favorite channels at your doorstep.