Mobile Wireless or Fixed Phone – Which is better?

 People use both fixed phones and mobile wireless in their day-to-day life. Using the fixed phones, you can get in touch with your family at home. But, mobile phones are especially meant for people who travel a lot. They can keep them connected to their family as well as their office through the mobile wireless network.

Mobile wireless versus Fixed Wireless

Sometimes, you would like to use your data for online gaming. Or, you would prefer doing heavy video streaming, extensive browsing, downloading of movies, watching shows online or others.

Sometimes, you might even prefer to do your office work from a remote location (from your home).

For all such activities, you require unlimited data operating at high speed, which might not be possible with mobile wireless network. These mobile wireless phones are focussed at providing slight browsing and online activities like checking mails while you are traveling.

Fixed wireless phones can provide a reliable high-speed internet which would be suitable for performing all heavy browsing activities, online streaming and gaming, working from home, and other online activities requiring high speed data availability for a longer time. The fixed wireless phones are capable of providing the data at a lesser price compared to the plans provided by the mobile wireless phone services.

It is not that you cannot use mobile wireless for online gaming or activities requiring heavy data. It would work, but, would get disturbed as they might not be reliable while you travel. Moreover, if your surf more, you might require more of data and the pricing range would also higher in case of mobile wireless phones.

Advantages of Wired Internet connections and Fixed Wireless

Both for your business and home use, it is always good to have consistency of internet than anything else, which is offered by the wired internet connection and fixed wireless phones.

The fixed phones are tolerant to excessive data usage. As it provides reliable internet for a longer time, customers of all age-groups prefer them.


In spite of all these advantages, sometimes you would be worried about the installation of fixed connections at home and offices. But, the required professional installation and customer support is provided by most of the internet service providers who offer fixed phone and internet services to your home and offices.

Moreover, when it comes to offices, you would have so many activities to be done online, for which only the fixed wired or wireless connections would work. You can opt for a few mobile wireless connections for those who move around often.



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