Significance of CenturyLink Bundle Packages – A Review


CenturyLink is one among the reputed internet providers in US. CenturyLink offers bundle packages with DirecTV which are advantageous to its customers.

CenturyLink Bundle packages comprising of CenturyLink internet, home phone, and DirecTV packages start at a rate of $120 per month for 12 months. Then the rates for 13 to 24 months start at $81 per month.

Bundle Packages Offered

You have three options available with CenturyLink.

You can combine both internet and home phone or internet and DirecTV service. These are Double Play packages of CenturyLink.

You can also combine your CenturyLink internet, home phone, and DirecTV services into a bundle. This would be a Triple Play Package.

Double Play Packages

DirecTV packages that include DirecTV channels offer you good entertainment with movies, songs, sports, and game shows.

You can select a range of packages like Xtra, Premier, and Ultimate TV which include all popular channels. Then you can bundle these channels with a range of high speed internet. The double pay packages cost $105 per month, $110 per month, and $160 per month and they offer a speed of 20 Mbps.

You also have options to select a reliable home phone and high speed internet with different speed ranges. This enables you to reach your family when you are outside and also helps you to browse, play online gaming, and perform streaming activities. Its price starts from $85 per month.

Triple Play Packages

CenturyLink offers unlimited calling throughout US, DirecTV packages as per your choice along with a reliable home phone service.

You have the option to subscribe for all the three services with the same provider through the bundle option.

Focus on Economy

Bundle packages are economical. They have the advantage of saving money. When the services like internet, phone, and TV are opted separately, they might cost higher. But CenturyLink bundle packages help you save your money to a greater extent, which you can explicitly view by comparison.

Handling Bills with Ease

When you subscribe for bundle packages of CenturyLink, you are gifted with the comfort of handling a single bill for the services you opt for.

Handling single bill helps you save your time and allows you to lead a hassle-free life.


With the advantages of providing options to have reliable internet service, DirecTV Services, and phone services in a single package, the bundle packages of CenturyLink becomes valuable.

As CenturyLink is a reliable internet provider and DirecTV is a reliable TV service provider, a combination of these would definitely be a good choice.