Verizon Fios Custom TV – A Review


Verizon Fios Custom TV is one of the reputed TV providers in US. With Fios Custom TV, you can get prime time entertainment.

If you are a lover of movies, sports, game shows, and other entertainment programs, you can choose one of the most customizable channel providers, namely, Verizon Fios Custom TV.

Let us discuss a few points so that you can easily find out how far Fios Custom TV would be suitable to you.

Plans and Packages

With Verizon Fios Custom TV, you can get all the channels provided by the cable TV along with the channels of your choice.

If your family members are interested in watching all the traditional entertainment channels, there are best deals available with Fios standard TV plans.

There are also channels in every genre you prefer. You can bundle up your choice of channels according to the age of your family members and also as per their interests.

The basic packages of Fios TV include Essential and Sports and more. These two packages include 190 channels and 160 channels respectively. The other channels that are available as add-ons include Action and Entertainment, Sports and News, kids and pop, news and variety, infotainment and drama, lifestyle and reality, and home and family.

These seven packages focus on the genres like action, comedy, sports, interests of kids and teenagers, day-to-day happenings, entertainment, drama, movies, pop culture, travel and reality, and family game shows and programs.

Premium channels

You can opt for premium channels if you pay more which comes to $99 maximum.

The packages focus on movie channels like HBO, Cinemax, and Xtra, Spanish language channels, Special channels like Disney Family Movies, International package which include channels from middle east, China, and the like, and few special sports channels.

Customer Support

The channel selection guide is user-friendly with Fios Custom TV. Customer support offered by Fios TV is also good.

There is a good feedback about reliability, clarity, and communication with respect to the Verizon Fios Custom TV.


Since Verizon Fios offers coverage in a few states, it is important to find out whether you have coverage in your locality. Only then, you can avail their services.

The significance of Verizon Fios is that it provides a wide range of packages for the customers to choose. It also provides DVR provision, which helps the viewers to record the programs and view them later. This also helps them not to miss their favorite programs. All these make Verizon Fios Custom TV, one of the popular and preferred TV providers.



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