Verizon Fios, Largest Fiber Optic Network – An Overview


Verizon Fios is a well-known internet service provider in US. It uses fiber-optic technology to serve its customers in 9 states. Verizon is also looking forward to improve its coverage throughout US.

To know more about Verizon, you need to look into the features like speed, pricing, deals and offers, and customer support. Only then you can decide upon picking up Verizon as your ISP. So, let us discuss about certain features below.

Fast Speed

With Verizon Fios, you can get up to 1 Gbps speed. This is possible with its 100% fiber optic technology. In general, fiber optic technology provides greater speed compared to DSL or cable based technology.

When you take the case of any ISP, you can see that the provider would not be able to provide the speed advertised. So the actual speed would be lower than the advertised speed. But, Verizon Fios provides the speed advertised and sometimes the actual speed is more than the advertised speed due to the fiber optic technology used.

Another significant factor with respect to the speed is that the downloading and uploading speeds of the Fios internet is more or less the same, which is very rare to get.

Advantages of Having Faster Speeds

You might require higher speed when you work remotely. Sometimes, you might be doing extensive browsing or even watching movies and game shows online. Sometimes, you might even do excessive downloading or uploading activities.

In these cases, Verizon would definitely work well for you. You might not feel any disturbance for all online activities including your gaming and entertainment activities. You can be sure about getting a reliable internet with Verizon Fios for performing all your online activities.

Pricing, Discounts, and Deals

Verizon has both expensive as well as budget plans. With increasing speed, pricing also increases. You can get cheaper plans starting at $39 per month with a one-year price guarantee for a speed of 100 Mbps. For lighter home use comprising of light online activities, you can get a reliable internet at these cheaper rates, otherwise you can go for higher plans available with Fios for your high speed internet.

Verizon also provides discounts and deals for customers who decide to stay with them for 2 years. After one year, they are still given deals and discounts compared to the standard rates available in the market for other customers of Verizon and other providers.

Customer Support

Verizon provides good support to its customers through various modes like phone, web chat, and by other means. So, it is able to gain millions of satisfactory customers.


It would be definitely advantageous if you decide to stay with Verizon for 2 years. As far the speed, reliable internet, and pricing are concerned, Verizon’s services are satisfactory.

When you have Verizon coverage in your area, you would be lucky enough to get a high speed reliable internet service.



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