Why Choose Cox, One of the Reputed ISPs – A Review


Cox Communications serves millions of customers in US by providing a reliable high speed internet service.

With several plans focusing on varieties of people, it has gained millions of satisfied customers across several parts of US. To know more about Cox, it becomes significant to discuss about a few factors like coverage, pricing and plans, speed, and customer service facilities offered by Cox.

Availability of Cox

Cox provides coverage in 19 states in US. So, depending upon your location and availability, you will be able to obtain Cox internet connection.

Cox is continuously trying to improve its coverage throughout US.

Advantages of Cox  

Cox uses cable technology to provide a wide coverage in US. As far as the cable technology is concerned, it can provide a reliable and consistent internet service compared to satellite and DSL connections. Thereby it has gained more customers compared to the satellite providers, though its coverage is more.

Cox is able to provide a speed range of up to 1 Gbps. This makes it suitable for different kinds of people.

Some people might require more of internet usage like heavy browsing, online gaming, streaming or heavy downloading for their home use. Some might just require data for very light browsing activities. Cox provides varieties of plans suitable to all kinds of users.

Prices of plans vary according to the speed required. The speed limits provided by Cox also vary by location. It is better to check with the speed of internet provided by Cox in your locality and then choose them as per your requirement. The plans start from a rate of $39.99 per month for 12 months. But, as the price and speed go hand-in-hand, the price rises with speed.

Customer Service

Customer service is an important aspect which is expected by most of the customers. When the customers have some queries about the speed required for them or the plan required for them, they can call the customer service representatives or chat with them, if it is available.

Cox provides a good customer service through which it helps the customers resolve their queries and go satisfied.


With a reliable, high-speed cable based network, Cox is able to provide a satisfactory internet service in US.

Based upon the coverage in your locality and other requirements, you can choose Cox as your internet provider so as to get one of the best internet services in US.