Who Are Able To We Thank for that Rapid Advances in Human Technology?


Ever wondered who accounts for the advances in technology? Well around the Private Sector aspect I believe a round recognition have to go to Futurist Ray Kurzweil for his work, studies and weekly email E-newsletter. He’s constantly promoting the long run technologies and also the singularity of technology because he calls it. Where technology starts moving so quick that individuals only remember that which was before and what’s now – a paradigm shift for a moment.

Microsoft Research along with other major companies have graciously shared a lot of their technology, white-colored papers and AI research using the world which is to become commended and it is very useful. Among the finest joys of my research into technologies have been following a ever growing advancement of Artificial Intelligence. Not really a week passes without another breakthrough.

For six years, I’ve been watching this news alerts, studying scientific journals, trade journals and news articles, the long run is originating much faster than many people think and there’s an abundance of information available. Indeed it’s been at occasions just a little overwhelming, but worthwhile. I believe everybody who’s around the bleeding fringe of this science realizes that the long run has become. But we should also thank the unsung heroes and also the citizen who constantly challenges their mind.

For example my pal Youji Fujoshi who is a big science enthusiast who exudes information and it has spent numerous lengthy hrs of debate on Artificial Intelligence and Automatic Androids all the known and available (and a few no-longer available) Sci-fi works of authors Arthur C. Clarke, Ben Bova and Isaac Asimov, in addition to a number of other popular sci-fi authors.

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